10-8: In Service

Welcome to this site! It is dedicated to service and education by allowing each subscriber to ask questions concerning the duties and responsibilities of the Arkansas Constable, and as a source of information for the Constable and the citizen alike, beginning with the definition of certified and non-certified and the different levels of authority for each.

The Arkansas Code is a vast accumulation of laws and statutes too large for anyone to memorize or completely understand. That is why it is imperative that all Constables, certified and non-certified, gain access to the Code and study it regularly, as well as the Arkansas State Constitution and the U.S. Constitution, because being a productive member of law enforcement is more than enforcing the laws, it is protecting the constitutional rights of every citizen, both victim and suspect. The links to the Arkansas and U.S. Constitutions can be found on this site by clicking on the appropriate page listed above. The link for public access to the Arkansas Code is posted at the bottom of The Arkansas Constable page in the list of pages above.

This site is also dedicated to promoting interaction between the Constables in Arkansas and the possible formation of a non-profit cooperative for the purpose of raising funds to assist in the purchase and replacement of necessary equipment by those with limited resources. When registering for access to this site, please indicate if you are a Constable or a member of law enforcement by leaving a comment telling me the township you serve and what county it is located in, or the name of the agency you serve with. Current and retired members of law enforcement are encouraged to share their views and experiences with the subscribers of this site. Please feel free to make suggestions that can enhance the usefulness of this site.

The Rules!

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Constable Ron Bristow